Have you ever been in the situation where you simply don’t know where to turn? Have you felt confused by the choices available to you or disliked all of them? Have you not understood how you arrived in this place? Moments of muddle – we all have them.

Whether it is significant change, planned or unplanned, on the horizon or out of the blue, sharing how you feel and clarifying your thoughts is a really healthy option. Improve your confidence, sleep better, feel brighter.

I am someone who will not offer an opinion or tell you what to do. I will support you to find your own way forward and respect your choice. With a lifetime of experience managing the maze of health care systems and the impact they have on ourselves and our relationships with others, I can relate to these moments of muddle, I have become a useful woman to know. I work from a person-centered philosophy based on the belief that within each of us we hold the potential to live our lives to our maximum capacity. I believe it is healthy to admit that sometimes we all need a little help.

What I can help with

I have had the privilege of working with so many people over the years and they have shared with me a wide range of stories. This has enabled me to accumulate experience and knowledge in a number of areas including:

Abuse, (physical, verbal or emotional) Anger, Bereavement & Loss. Health Concerns, such as Cancer, Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Major Organ Failure, Huntington’s Disease, Motor Neuron Disease, Stroke, Depression, Panic Attacks, Anxiety. Disability, Gender, Guilt, Personal Development, Relationships, Sexuality, Caring, (changing relationships, roles & responsibilities) Stress, Confidence, Low Self-Esteem, Crisis, Major Life Changes & Decisions.

See here for a list of useful resources.

I have been able to open up my heart and mind and realise what has been haunting me
Working online I felt connected and that you understood
Thank you for helping me separate out all the different things going on

Our first session

During our initial meeting I will do my best to put you at ease as you prepare to share your worries. I can still recall how that feels. I will gather some information from you, I find this settles any nerves as I will ask questions you know the answers to. E.g. date of birth, current health and if you have had any previous counselling. I will talk through the boundaries of confidentiality and my terms and conditions. I will ask for your signature to confirm your agreement to, and understanding of, our contract to work together. I will listen closely to what brings you and how you would like things to be.

We will discuss our next meeting or, if for some reason we don’t “click” and find we are not well suited to work together I may be able to suggest an onward referral connecting  you with someone in my professional network. E.g. a conflict of interest.