Are you venturing in to private practice? New to the area? Want supervision online? In training or recently qualified? Need a new/different perspective for your practice or work?

I offer 1:1 and group supervision to trainee and qualified counsellors as well as health and social care professionals. In my supervisory role I aim to provide a supportive, challenging, growthful relationship whether you are in training or continuing good practice by undertaking continuing professional development.

You make considered and constructive comments.
I feel challenged and am learning so much
It has been a hard but fruitful journey

Our first session

The relationship I have with my supervisor is fundamental to my practice. I believe supervision is a foundation to good self-care.

A place to reflect and learn. A place to be held in safety, to be challenged and grow. A place where muddles are unravelled, clarity evolves, professional development opportunities and ethical dilemmas discussed. A special place of connecting, learning with smiles, tears, laughter of great trust and respect. A place where thoughtful, focused conversation takes place. This is the kind of supervision that has enabled me to grow, to learn from a safe space and what I offer you.

During our initial meeting I will invite you to share more of your hopes for supervision. I will gather some basic information from you, which may include your training course, if you are on one, your current growth edge or development plans and general health data. I will talk through with you the boundaries of our work together and my terms and conditions. When meeting in person I will ask for your signature to confirm your agreement to and understanding of our contract to work together.

Subject to agreement we will discuss our meeting schedule or, if for some reason we don’t “click” or find we are not well suited to work together we may, if you wish discuss other options. E.g. a conflict of interest.