Why work with me?

Moments of Muddle - We all have them.

I work in private practice and have a mixed caseload. I offer brief and longer term relational therapy to adults from teens to beyond retirement to:

  • Re-frame their experiences
  • Make their own choices
  • Express their true feelings
  • Gain a fresh perspective on life
  • Develop self worth and confidence
  • To live their life more fully

It is natural to wish to make sense of our experience when life gets difficult.

  • Loved one – a relationship, someone close or secret? Divorced? Separated?
  • Job – redundancy, redeployment, new territory, new home, new responsibilities, new boss?
  • Identity or Status – caring, empty nest, downsizing, money worries, retired?
  • Health or Independence – aging, illness, disability, sudden change

Becoming a Useful Woman to Know

From a very uncertain start in life a good education enabled me to work in a number of industries, public and private sectors, finance, sales and travel. Nothing really captured my attention until the silver lining of redundancy in the year 2000 resulted in taking a careers questionnaire highlighting psychotherapy as a career path. My work with Carers began in 2001. With a lifetime’s experience managing the maze of health care systems I related to the many moments of muddle clients shared.

By 2006 personal experience had shaped my interests and I found myself working with people dealing with life limiting illness, long term health conditions and carers. I have played my part in caring for an elderly person with dementia and know the limitation of services available. I also experienced a shocking and sudden death of someone close. I learned about my own resources and of those around me becoming, as some say, A Useful Woman to Know…

I have learned to accept compliments and to venture out of my ‘comfort zone’ to try new things and a whole new world now awaits me.

My experience

Working with Carers enabled me to make sense of so many of my own experiences, making adjustments to life events, fluctuating health and ever changing support services. I listened to stories full of learning to live with loved ones in a new way, often relationships changed forever.

Qualified in 2011, having been delayed by life events, in 2012 I began my private practice – Moments of Muddle, because life just doesn’t always make sense.

During 2012/3 I trained in Advocacy and Mindfulness. I have learned good self care, for me, is fundamental to caring and maintaining a balanced, healthy life.

2014-18 I volunteered to coordinate a BACP Private Practice Regional Network. A great boost to my local professional contacts. In 2016 I gained a Certificate in Supervision. In 2018 I reacquainted myself with a bereavement charity, initially having trained with them in 2003 as a volunteer Supervisor.

I adhere to British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, (BACP) Ethical Framework for The Counselling Professions. I am committed to a program of continuing professional development, including regular meetings with a supervisor to monitor my practice. I have professional indemnity insurance and am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, (ICO).

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